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We currently have four different loaves available to order Tuesday to Friday.  Orders must be placed with 48 hours notice. For example for delivery/ collection on Wednesday  the order must be emailed

by 12pm on Monday  

 We’ve included a short description of each below. If you’d like to try our bread, we’d be more than happy to deliver samples - just let us know. For cafes and restaurants, we also offer bigger catering size loaves (both freeform and in tins) that are perfect for slicing and freezing.


Country Sourdough

A free form loaf packed full of flavour and made with local, highly extracted, stoneground flour. A blend of white and wholemeal flours gives it a distinctly sweet nutty flavour with a moist and open crumb.

Town Mill Tin

A great family loaf, perfect for sandwiches, this loaf has a light, fluffy closed crumb. Made using single estate, UK grown flour milled by Andrew from Fresh Flour right next door to us in The Town

Mill Building.



Inspired by our love for pumpernickel, this loaf has that familiarly deep, savoury flavour but with a lighter, moist crumb. Made using 100% British dark rye flour and British golden linseeds.

Semolina Porridge

We add a toasted semolina porridge to this loaf, which gives it an amazing crumpet like texture. Golden linseeds add a nutty flavour. Semolina is tragically underused in bread making - it is packed full of flavour and nourishment - and by working with a local mill we can use the beautiful semolina that would otherwise be thrown away. A perfect partner for butter and marmalade. 

Refreshing OUR BREAD

When you would like to resurrect our bread from the slumber of the freezer we have the following tips and tricks for you. 

  • Remove the bread from the freezer several hours before you would like to enjoy it and allow it to defrost fully. Ideally, remove it the evening before to avoid the disappointment of a frozen core.

  • At this point, you could potentially cut your bread into handy toaster sized slices and return some of it to the freezer as it toasts well from frozen.

  • If you’d like to enjoy it as fresh bread, place the loaf into an oven

  • preheated to 180°C (gas mark 4). You needn’t add any water or steam to the oven. 

  • Bake for around 8 to 12   minutes, depending on how ferocious your oven tends to be. Keep an eye that it’s not getting too dark. If it is, lower the temperature and perhaps try refreshing at a lower temperature next time.

  • If you’d just like to refresh half of your loaf, you could cut it in half after defrosting and then return half to the freezer. When refreshing half, bake with the cut side facing down to avoid moisture loss.

  • Rye bread need not be refreshed at all, just thoroughly defrosted.


If you are a shop, cafe, or restaurant who'd like to become a wholesale customer, send us a message below and we'll get in touch with our ordering information.

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