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The above pie chart represents the cost of a Country Loaf and   includes all Hylsten bakery costs and a small level of profit for reinvestment but excludes costs of our retailers that kindly sell our bread.

09/01/2023 - We wanted to give full transparency   over our decision to increase our prices at the end of this month. This is not a decision    we have taken lightly.  We wish more than anything for our bread to be affordable to as many people as possible (although we recognise that already, many people in our community are priced out of being able to purchase it at all.)


This doesn't  sit well with us  -   we are living through a cost of living crisis and  the   last thing we want to do  is exacerbate  an already difficult situation.

However, we are  stuck in between a rock and a hard place. We  have a number of  self imposed non negotiables;  two of the biggest are that  we   only use    sustainably   grown U.K grain and we pay our staff the  Living Wage. In order to stick to these principles we will be giving our staff a pay rise at the end of January 2023. 

We  hope that by sharing a breakdown of the costs involved   in making a loaf of bread, our customers might have a better understanding  of where their money is going.   We  also  hope that it may encourage many of you to  come along on this wild   ride with us.

You can rest assured that  the loaf you buy will not only nourish you and those you share it with but will continue to support an  alternative, human scale, non-commodity grain economy - where farmers are paid a fair price for their grain.

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