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South west grain network

Is a group of South West bakers, millers & farmers who are taking active steps into an alternative grain economy, one that is human scale, non-commodity and grounded in friendship and collaboration.

Hylsten Bakery has  been active  member of the network since its inception and are proud to continue to  work closely with our  neighbour Andrew from Fresh Flour to include as much locally grown, regenerativly farmed grain as possible in  all our breads.

The cann mill project - true south west flour

The Cann Mill project is the culmination  of  work of a group of  farmers, millers and growers both from the South West Grain Network and further afield.    The aim was to produce a flour that was grown,  milled and baked with in the South West and  could replace some of the network's reliance on the high volume, modern wheat varieties produced by  mills such as Shipton Mill.

The grain used to produce the True South West flour is a blend of two different population wheats - YQ and Mariagertoba. Population wheats are  a wonderful way of introducing  a wealth of biodiversity  into both    the field as well as our diets . Conventionally   farmed modern wheat varieties (that make up the vast majority of grain consumed world wide) are monoculture modern varieties. They are often reliant on  chemical imputs or if grown organically could be susceptible to  disease or adverse weather such as drought that could wipe  out an entire harvest.

Population wheats are made up of a wide variety of different wheats meaning the whole crop is more resilient.   Some varieties will be drought resistant and others less susceptible to certain diseases. This means    that even if there are adverse conditions the farmer should still be able to harvest something rather than losing the whole crop.   Not only this but a population wheat will adapt to the climate and land over time increasing its resilience.

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